Academic Insight: Values Affinity and Beyond (part 2): Managing the Partnership between HNWI and Family Business

In a prior article entitled “value affinity and beyond”, we analyzed the results of the KPMG Family Business Global Survey to find great support for the natural affinities between HNWIs and family businesses. Many HNWIs were either rooted in family businesses to start with, having inherited money from a family business or still being connected […]

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KPMG Family Business Conference in Cyprus

  KPMG in Cyprus successfully organized the Pancyprian family business conference on Wednesday 23rd September 2015, at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia. The purpose of the conference was to inform and enable family businesses sector in the setting up, development and succession of their business to the next generations. The conference was a big […]

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Achieving innovation in your family business by inspiring your people

By Ingrid Waterfield, KPMG and Dominic Mahony, Lane4 Family businesses succeed through multiple generations by striving to be the best. As the world around us changes at an ever faster rate it’s important to inspire management teams to innovate to grow. KPMG’s People Powered Performance specialist Ingrid Waterfield joins up with Dominic Mahony of Lane4 […]

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Long-term horizons, current income and diversification drive investment decisions

This article is based on the KPMG Family Business report “Family Matters – Financing Family Business Growth through Individual Investors”. High net worth individuals (HWNIs) invest for three main purposes: Long-term capital appreciation, current income, and gaining a level of diversification. Long-term capital appreciation ranks as the primary reason HNWIs invest in family-run companies according […]

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‘Digital natives’ set to lead new era in family businesses

A digital mindset, entrepreneurial culture and competitive jobs market are combining to revive interest in younger generations in taking on family businesses, according to KPMG Enterprise. The professional services firm says that the emerging generation of ‘digital natives’, meaning those born after 1980, could have a transformational impact on family businesses as attitudes towards inheritance […]

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Are you safeguarding your business’s reputation?

Your company has no singly more valuable asset than its reputation. Yet because of its intangible nature, it is an often overlooked or side-lined one by managers more caught up with short-term goals like increased revenue, which can be easily measured and seen. Paul Argenti, Professor of Corporate Communications at Tuck School of Business at […]

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The European Family Business Barometer: Determined to succeed (fourth edition)

The report brings insights on the confidence levels of family businesses across Europe, the challenges they face and the changes they need to overcome. European Family Businesses (EFB) and KPMG launched the fourth edition of the European Family Business Barometer, which seeks to measure the confidence levels of family-owned businesses across Europe. This year, the […]

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Entrepreneurship in family businesses through collaboration

Entrepreneurial behaviour in family businesses can benefit from fresh input of ideas, expertise and contacts to open the door to new markets and greater growth potential. KPMG’s Eleanor Winton proposes that partnering with other organisations can broaden your family business’ potential for long term success and it is worth exploring how collaboration can deliver results. […]

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Is Family Business long termism having ‘a moment’?

For many moons those running family businesses have spoken of how their long term perspective sets them apart from other business ownership structures in terms of how it influences their corporate behaviour and strategy. But this summer, as Andrea Illy, Chairman and Chief Executive of famous family owned coffee business, Illycaffe, confirmed why his business […]

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Talk things over before selling the family business

If family businesses reach a deadlock in negotiation amongst themselves, more often than not they eventually resort to selling. Recent research done by experts from the Sauder School of Business indicated though that selling the family business is not a panacea for solving problems and that it can rather cause a range of other, even […]

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