Why to Adopt Formal Governance Mechanisms?

There is an increasing global trend for family owned businesses to take on a more formal governance. According to our latest survey (“Family Businesses: optimistic, entrepreneurial, open to disruptive technologies”): 52% of companies have a formal board of directors (39% in 2011) 51% of companies have a formal policy in place when it comes to […]

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What would attract HNWIs to invest in a family business?

Many family businesses are their own worst enemy. Their desire to maintain full control over their company often limits their financing options. For them to grow and increase their profit, they need strong financing. So what are the options? Private equity or corporate strategic partners, but these limit or reduce the family business owner’s control […]

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Exactly How Do You Avoid Conflicts of Interest in a Family Business?

Family dynamics are often bad enough in the home but let them seep through into the office and you know you’re in trouble. When you are working alongside siblings and parents, it’s only natural that there will be some squabbles. However, if these are not controlled, they can have a devastating effect on the growth […]

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Succession Planning is the Biggest Life Event in your Family Business

With statistics showing that only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation, with a greatly decreased percentage making it into each generation after that – how you handle the succession of your hard won legacy is one of the greatest “make or break” moments in the company’s life…

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family business and generations

What does it take to get to the Next Generation?

Not every family business makes it to the second generation of ownership, let alone the third. In fact, the odds aren’t in the favour of the majority at all. So how do the lucky few make it successfully through the other side of succession? It starts with the family values becoming the company’s When the […]

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entrepreneurs embrace change

Family Businesses with Entrepreneurial Spirit Outperform Others

It’s no surprise that the family businesses that stand the test of time are those that are not only open to adapting, but in fact seek it out. Every new generation brings with it new advances that must be embraced or the business risks being left behind – but our new age of technology is […]

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Alternative to a traditional Family Office

So, is there an alternative approach? The answer is yes. When you start to strip it back, a family office is not a specific structure but the concept of professionalising a family’s personal affairs. It doesn’t necessarily require a complex series of legal structures and a significant team in-house. It doesn’t need to employ an expert on every topic to be of assistance.

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inheritance tax and family business

Zero Inheritance Tax – the German perspective

The article is originally published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. In many countries, family owned businesses benefit from the special rules applied to the inheritance and gift taxes. This is confirmed by the KPMG recent study, calculating and comparing the tax implications around 42 countries for the intra-family business succession upon inheritance or retirement. In Germany, […]

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family business

Why do Family Businesses fear the Family Office?

This article was initially published in Spear’s supplement “The future for family offices”. Mike Walker and Catherine Grum explain why so many families stumble into family office setups or avoid them altogether. Since the financial crisis, many commentators have reported that family offices of both the single and multiple variety are on the increase. A […]

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