How to Survive like a Family Business

There’s a fundamental stability in family businesses, from the smallest mom-and-pop corner shop to the large enterprises playing a powerful part in the economy, which is not always apparent in other companies. While they don’t always perform as well as competitors during times of plenty, when times are tough, they are ready to pull through and survive…

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family business developing a succession plan framework

Profit is Personal for a Family Business

In a family business, the impact of any profits are seen and felt daily by those involved in the business, as well as those affected by the business’ performance. A good turnover means those extra lessons for an owner’s child, or a new home for a family member. The business is borne out of the […]

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KPMG 2nd Family Business Forum in Greece

KPMG in Greece successfully organized its second conference dedicated exclusively to the Family Businesses on April 12. The event gathered over 120 delegates, ranging from the first till the fourth generation, from more than 45 prominent Greek family businesses…

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Family Business tips for improved cyber-security

When considering cyber-security in the family office context, the focus is often on expensive and sophisticated technology solutions, but the margin of vulnerability is often greater when it comes to people and process…

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Succession planning & the senior generation

Succession planning & the senior generation: time to act

When families start to focus on their succession plans, there are many helpful options available for those who are interested in developing the next generation. However, this process inevitably raises the question of balance between the generations…

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conflict resolution in family business

Conflict Resolution in Family Business

Conflict is a natural part of human relationships, whether in a family or business setting. Conflict is neither positive nor negative; if handled correctly it leads to new thinking, better planning and decision – and a stronger sense of trust and commitment.” – Carlock and Ward, 2010. While the successful continuation of your business into […]

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Brazilian Family Businesses Need to Meet More HNWIs

The KPMG Family Business 2014 Global Survey found that High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in Brazil were not viewing family businesses as potential investments. Interestingly though, this was not because of bad experiences, but more out a lack of family businesses being promoted as a viable investment option…

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KPMG’s Global Family Business Tax Monitor: Tax regimes impacting family businesses

KPMG’s Family Business Tax Monitor Released on April 6th, 2016, the KPMG’s Family Business Tax Monitor concludes that while tax regimes around the world vary greatly, in general, countries are supporting and encouraging investment and growth in family businesses, with low tax liabilities for the transfer of businesses to the next generation upon retirement or […]

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Family Enterprise Diversified

The demographic reality for most business families is that their enterprise has to grow and diversify to support the needs and ambitions of a growing family.

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What’s your Family Business Performance Score?

A family business is unique, in that it needs to keep both the needs of the family in mind with every business decision, without deterring from what’s right for the business itself. So how well is your business performing?

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