Middle Eastern family businesses hungry for investment

Middle Eastern family businesses hungry for investment

In the Middle East, family businesses certainly have a well-developed appetite for investment, reveals KPMG’s Global Family Business Survey. The fundamentals are in place to connect family firms with high net worth individuals (HNWIs) – four-fifths of our Middle Eastern respondents said they are seeking external finance, while three in five said they have previously offered equity in their business to external investors.

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Steve Woodward

I have worked with many family owned businesses in diverse industries over the last 20 years and this has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of how a family business can achieve growth, the risks involved and how governance plays an essential part in ownership control. I am happy to share and extend my experiences with you on how to make a successful endeavour when taking on the challenge to start or run your own family owned business. I welcome you to comment and debate any issues that you face in managing your family business, or to share your successes and best practices with us.

– Steve Woodward

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