Are You Prepared for The Leadership and Ownership Transition?

76% Of Family Businesses Expect to Appoint a New CEO Within the Next 5 Years.  According to an in-depth survey KPMG Australia conducted, the performance of family businesses peaked when the CEO was between 51 and 60. It then declined as the CEO approached the age of 70 or older. This is most likely because, […]

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Steve Woodward

I have worked with many family owned businesses in diverse industries over the last 20 years and this has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of how a family business can achieve growth, the risks involved and how governance plays an essential part in ownership control. I am happy to share and extend my experiences with you on how to make a successful endeavour when taking on the challenge to start or run your own family owned business. I welcome you to comment and debate any issues that you face in managing your family business, or to share your successes and best practices with us.

– Steve Woodward

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